Race Uniform

Uniform Item #1 – The Unitank is only available through JLRacing and must be ordered by February 8th. Order online at JLRacing.com

Uniform Item #2 – White Long Sleeve Performance Shirt The plain white, long-sleeve performance shirt is made of synthetic material. It is worn under the Unitank on cold days. Appropriate shirts include options from JLRacing, Under Armour (Men / Women), or other similar items.

Uniform Item #3 – Black Spandex Shorts/Pants Black spandex shorts/leggings are form fitting performance clothing made out of synthetic material. Shorts are more comfortable during warmer days while longer tights do better during colder days. Appropriate shorts/tights include options JLRacing Polypro Trou, Drywick Trou, Drywick Tights or other similar items.