Mid-Atlantic ERG Sprints

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2018 Standings

Congratulations to all that competed in the World Championships! Forest Park was well represented and pulled off some great numbers. Take a look at the placements and pictures from the event! 

Erg Sprints | Mid Atlantic Rowing Indoor Championships

What is the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints?  This is a big event with teams from all over the area and up and down the east coast competing. High School, College and Masters rowers categories race throughout the day.  We want to have a good showing this year from Forest Park, especially from rowers who may be interested in rowing in college.  It is the largest indoor rowing event for juniors in the United States and the largest satellite qualifying event for the World Indoor Rowing Championships (C.R.A.S.H.-Bs).

Time: Doors open for competitors 7:30 AM Saturday and Sunday​

Location: T.C. Williams High School, ​3330 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302

Who should attend? All rowers are encouraged to compete whether you are in Winter Conditioning or not.  Varsity looking at rowing scholarships need to compete at this event.

When registering, what should I compete in?  Event list, click here.
These are just suggestions, you may register to compete in other events.  Look for events that are for your age and weight class.  Ask coach if you need further assistance.

  • Rowers look at events 131 – 150. Lightweights must weigh in at the event.
  • ​Coxswains, contact Coach Bob, rbrodriguez09@gmail.com

When should I register?  Registration is open now; prices go up after December 31st.  The sooner you register, the more you save.  Also, online registration guarantees you a spot.

Who is the attending coach? I will be the coach attending so please let me know so we can coordinate.  Please include Coach Bob’s information during registration, Robert Rodriguez, 703.600.9739.  Email Coach Bob so he knows you plan to attend, ​rbrodriguez09@gmail.com.

When registering, they asked for my 2k erg time.  What should I enter?  Enter your time from last season or enter 00:00 if you don’t know it.​

Rules and Procedures

Health & Safety

The Erg Sprints | Mid Atlantic Rowing Indoor Championships has experienced medical staff on the race floor to provide immediate care.

Play it safe: If you have a potential health issue, inform the medical staff before your race so they can better respond if an emergency arises.
Play it smart: Be smart about what you eat in the hours before a race. Do not eat dairy and heavy foods that are hard to digest. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. If you have any questions ask your coach!
Any member of the medical staff has the authority to pull an athlete for medical reasons at any time.


Erg Sprints | Mid Atlantic Rowing Indoor Championships is open to all competitors regardless of experience or skill levels. Qualification times are not required. Athletes are seeded based on their submitted 2K erg scores.

U19/Juniors: Rowers must compete in their age group. Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on December 31st.
U23: Rowers must between 19 and 22 years. Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on December 31st.
College: Rowers must be a full-time student in college and 17 to 22 years. Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on December 31st.
Open: Adults of college age and above may enter open events. Juniors may not enter open events. Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on race day.
Master/Senior/Veteran: Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on race day.
Coxswain Events: A participant must have been exclusively a coxswain in competition (not an oarsman or oarswoman) during the previous year. Weigh-in is not required.


Rowers and their coaches are expected to complete the check-in process in a timely manner to allow the rower to become oriented and to warm up before the event. Assume there will be a line. It is the responsibility of the rower to be at the venue early enough to complete check-in and weigh-in.

Bring an ID for proof of birth date.

Athletes will receive an Athlete Registration Card at check-in. Do not lose this card.

Refunds will not be granted for late arrivals.

Athletes competing under a false name, birth date or for another competitor will be disqualified.

Lightweights and Weigh-In

Check-in first.

Any competitor in a lightweight event or rowing as a lightweight in an open weight event must weigh in on race day during the 1-hour window beginning two hours before and ending one hour before their race time. For example, if you are scheduled to race at 12PM, you must weigh in between 10AM and 11AM. No exceptions. Weigh-in room is off the race floor. Look for signs.

Athletes who weigh in for a WRIC 2000 meter event do not have to weigh-in for a subsequent Erg Sprints event on the same day.
Athletes must weigh in for every WRIC event.

Athletes who registered as a lightweight and fail to weigh in for any reason will row at their originally assigned time and erg. Results will be recorded in the corresponding heavy/open weight event.

Weight limits are 135 lbs (61.24 kgs) max for all women and 165 lbs (74.84 kgs) max for all men. Weight is measured in pounds. [This is a recent change.]

Weigh-in attire is required. This is limited to a minimum of a uni-suit or shorts and a top that covers the torso. There are no naked weigh-ins.

Athletes who successfully weigh-in will have their athlete registration card stamped and receive a wristband to confirm their lightweight classification.

In the case of certain open-weight events without a separate lightweight class a rower is eligible to win a medal if he or she has weighed-in and there are two or more lightweights competing in that event. Those events are 30-minute, marathon, college freshman 2K and 500 meter sprint championships.

There is no lightweight class for junior age 13 1000 meter, coxswain, relay, or parent/child events.