PWCA ERG Sprints

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2018 Standings

Robert Stankovich – Bronze – Men’s 16 & Under
Alex Romano – Silver – Men’s Lwt 18 and under
Yunbin Nam – Gold – Women’s 18 and Under
Doug Bannister – Gold – Coxswain’s Race *** Set new event record time!
Brenden Beasley and Brandon Bremer – Bronze – Men’s 3 minute Crash Slides.

15th Annual Prince William Rowing Club’s (PWRC) High School ERG Sprints

Event Info: The 15th Annual Prince William Rowing Club’s (PWRC) High School ERG Sprints will take place on February 3, 2018 at the Woodbridge High School.  Same-day event registration will open at 9:00 AM with the competition beginning at 10:00 AM however, we want to pre-register as many entries as possible before the event.  Please arrive 1 hour before your event to check in with your coaches, sign in, turn in US Rowing Waiver and warm up.  Parents, please accompany your rower to the sign in table in case something needs to be signed by a parent.  I strongly encourage all rowers to arrive at the beginning of the competition so that we may cheer our teammates on throughout the day.
Time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 
Location: Woodbridge Senior High School (Lower Cafeteria), ​3001 Old Bridge Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Sign Waiver:
Attire for the day:  Participating rowers shall wear their race uni for this competition. Novice rowers competing this year, Coach Metzler will have spare uni’s for you to borrow for the event. Just return them when you are done for the day.
Who can attend?  All rowers still in high school from last season can participate regardless of whether they are doing another sport or participating in Winter Conditioning.  Participating High Schools include:  Forest Park, Hylton, Potomac, Woodbridge, Garfield, Colgan, South County, and JEB Stuar
Cost:  There is $5.00 registration fee that will be used to support our boat house.  T shirts will be available for pre-order, more information will be provided later.
** Please make sure Coach Bob has all your signed waivers and $5 payments prior to the event. Otherwise, you will be responsible for submitting your $5 payment, U.S Rowing waiver and PWRC Photo waiver the day of the event. If you ordered a T-shirt, payment is due at the event unless you have paid Coach Bob in advance. **
Point of contact (POC):  Coach Bob at 
What is Erg Sprints?  Erg Sprints is a great indoor event where rowers compete against each other on the ergs.  The ergs are connected to a computer and a large flat screen shows each rower on a virtual race course, 10 lanes wide.  Teams cheer each other on and support everyone.  It is a great way to start off crew season early and see what each rower needs to do to be competitive in the Spring.  We want to see a large turnout for erg sprints this season.
Purpose:  The purpose of this event is to encourage HS students to participate in the sport of crew.  This includes supporting local High School rowing programs by giving coaches feedback on their athletes’ skills and to provide an opportunity for athletes to demonstrate that they are ready for the water after the long winter conditioning season.  Additionally, parents are highly encouraged to join their son and/or daughter in healthy and fun team relays during the sprints.  Of course, taking home medals is a great way to start the rowing season.  

Schedule of Events:

9:00 – 10:00
Opening Remarks
1M.  Men Freshmen​
​1W.  Women Freshmen
2M.  Men 16 & under
​1500 m
2W.  Women 16 & under
1500 m
3M.  Lwt men 18 & under (155 lb)
1500 m
3W.  Lwt women 18 & under (135 lb)
1500 m
4M.  Men 18 & under
1500 m
​4W.  Women 18 & under
1500 m
​5M.  Men Coxswains
500 m
​5W.  Women Coxswains
500 m
​6R.  Mixed relay (500 m each) 2M/2F
2000 m
​7Ra.  Father / Son Relay (250 m each)
500 m
7Rb.  Father / Daughter Relay (250 m each)
500 m
1:05 PM
7Rc.  Mother / Son Relay (250 m each)
500 m
1:15 PM
7Rd.  Mother / Daughter Relay (250 m each)
500 m
10:00 – 1:00 PM
8W.  3 Minute Crash (Doubles)
3 Min.
10:00 – 1:00 PM
8M.  3 Minute Crash (Doubles)
3 Min.
**Times are estimates and subject to change
There is a $5 registration fee for each competitor.
Coaches are encouraged to pre-register their athletes and relay teams.
Same day registration is offered, but we cannot guarantee entry into preferred race events due to the limited availability of the ergs.

  • Entries:  Each athlete may enter a maximum of one individual event and two relays.  Coxswain races are only for coxswains who did not row (either sweep or sculling) the preceding year.  Composite teams (i.e. rowers from two or more schools) are allowed for relay races, and can be arranged on race day with late entries allowed.
  • Ages of athletes will be as of February 8, 2018, even if we have to postpone for a snow day.
  • Lightweights.  Weight limits are 135 pounds for LW women, and 155 pounds for LW men, as of race day.  We will not weigh athletes at the event; just specify whether they are “lightweight” or not.  It will be the coach’s testament their rower is within the allowed weight limit for their lightweight event on race day.

  1. Safety is our top priority.  If an athlete has a health issue, inform the PWRC staff who are stationed on the race floor before their race so they can better respond if an emergency arises.  Athletes should be encouraged not to row if they are not feeling up to is.
  2. Waivers:  All athletes must sign a US Rowing waiver (at the bottom of the page) and have it available at check-in.  Minors (under 18) must have a parent or guardian’s signature. NO EXCEPTIONS. Coaches are encouraged to collect these waivers and present them tp PWRC staff during registration.
  3. Host:  This event is hosted by the PWRC.
  4. Schedule:  Event times are approximate and the schedule is subject to change.  Rowers and coaches must allow sufficient time in advance of the scheduled event to accommodate any adjustments in timing that may be required.
  5. Warm up:  Ergs will be available for warm ups.  All athletes are encouraged to warm up prior to their event(s).
  6. Observers:  All participants and observers must stay in the designated observation areas when not competing. 
  7. Medals will be awarded to first place, second place (minimum of 3 participants), and third place (minimum of 5 participants).
  8. Lightweight events are conducted on the HONOR SYSTEM; 135 lbs for female athletes and 155 lbs for male athletes
  9. Mixed Relay:  Mixed relay teams may consist of High School rowers or coxswains from a single school or from more than one school (e.g., composite team).  Relay entries can be arranged on race day.  We will not collect stroke-level data for relay events.  
  10. Coxswain races are only for coxswains who did not row last season
  11. Race Coxswains:  Rowers may have one coxswain standing behind them; well clear of other rowers.
  12. Parent/Child Relay:  We will end our competition with a 500 m Parent/Child relay (250 m/ea).  All relay teams will compete together, but awards will be given to the top finishers for the following categories:  Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, and Father/Daughter.
  13. T-Shirts:   Look for an email on pre-ordering PWRC High School ERG Sprint t-shirts.