Winter Conditioning

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2018-19 Winter Conditioning

What is Winter Conditioning?  Winter Conditioning is a 2 months season of indoor exercise to build rowers stamina and keep rowers in crew shape.  Rowers complete group exercises or erg.   Rowers erg in unison while perfecting strokes.  Rowers are also encouraged to compete in Gold’s Gym and Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints.

Rowers will need to complete Concussion Training prior to the start of Spring Season (February 8, 2019). Click  HERE  for a listing of dates/times.

Last Day of Winter Conditioning: February 8, 2019
Last Day to use World Gym membership:  TBD
Registration Opens:  Winter Conditioning Info  and Registration Night, November 7, 2018.
Winter Conditioning Location: World Gym, 4176 Dale Blvd, Dale City, VA 22193
Start Date: November 26, 2018, 4pm-5:30pm
Varsity Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri (when school is in session).

Novice Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri (when school is in session).

Cost: $130.00


Winter Conditioning Registration Checklist:
1.) Fill out World Gym Registration Packet
2.) Online Registration (Regatta Central)

3.) Payment

4.) Blue Card
5.) Virginia High School League (VHSL) physical form “Revised February 2017
6.) Concussion Training

1.) Fill Out World Gym Registration Packet
World Gym registration packages will be available at the Winter Conditioning Info and Registration Night.  For anyone who can not attend Info and Registration Night, packages will be available for your rower to pick up from the FPHS Athletic Director’s office.

  1. Fill in the entire “Personal Data” section of this form.
  2. Do not fill in the “# of months”, “Amount paid”, “Total paid”, and “Expiration date” sections.
  3. Fill in all of the blanks in the waiver that appear at the bottom of the “Student PIF Membership” form.
  4. The rower/student should sign on the “Member Signature” line and a parent or legal guardian should sign on the “Parent/Legal Guardian” line.
  5. The parent of the rower/student must complete, sign, and date the “Waiver & Release Form”
  6. Both the “Student PIF Membership” form and the “Waiver & Release Form” need to be returned to the FPHS Athletic Director’s office (not to World Gym), along with any other required registration forms, as soon as possible, but not later than Monday, November 19th. 
  7. The “Free 7-Day VIP Pass” in the packet can be used by any family member.
  8. The rower/student will be issued a key-chain card with the barcode on the first day of winter conditioning.  He/she will use this plastic key-chain card to enter the gym daily.
  9. The “Student Special” form in the packet does not apply to our Winter Conditioning program.  It is a World Gym advertisement for their normal (i.e. separate from our Winter Conditioning program) student membership options.

2. Online Registration (Regatta Central)

This year, while registration for Winter Conditioning will be through the Regatta Central website, payment will be collected through PayPal on this website (See #3).  

1. Go to the Regatta Central website at:

2. Find Forest Park Crew under the Clubs section at the top of the page.

3. Choose either “WINTER CONDITIONING” or “COMBINED REGISTRATION” depending on your preference. “COMBINED REGISTRATION” allows you to register once for both Winter Conditioning and Spring Crew. Payments can be made in equal installments of $130/month (November – May) via our website below,

4. Click on the “Join/Renew” button for your selection.

  1. If you have registered on the Regatta Central website before, enter your rower’s username and password (use the Forgot your Username/Password links, if needed).
  2. If your rower will be a first time participant and you don’t have a Regatta Central account, fill in the New Users block on the right (with a parent’s email and name) and register as indicated.  The parent email address that you enter here is the email address that your registration receipt will be sent to.

5. Select your rower’s name from the “Participant” pull down on the top left of the registration site you will be taken to.  For first time participants, please click the “New Participant” link in blue then enter the requested information.

6. Click Next, when you are done adding participant.  Proceed through your account holder information screen. Click NEXT to get to payment page. 

***ON REGATTA CENTRAL, please mark “Pay by Check.”***

7. Once you have completed that registration, please return to this page to complete your payment using the button below. 


Option 1. Pay by Check. Please mail all checks to:

Forest Park Crew
P. O. Box 488
Dumfries VA. 22026

Option 2. Pay Online. Use the links below to pay for Winter Conditioning or to make the first payment for the Combined Registration (Winter Conditioning/Spring Crew).

$130 (+PayPal Fees)

$100 (+PayPal Fees)


After you send payment please email: and with your rower’s name and gym member number (if applicable)

If you still need to complete an emergency contact “Blue Card”, it is available outside door of AD/Student Activities office.  Complete front & back by both the athlete and the Parent/Guardian. Write FP Crew on top corner of Blue Card.

For rowers who did not participate in PWC school sport this school year or did not provide us with a current Virginia High School League physical form.  This is the only form that will be accepted and must bear your medical provider’s signature and dated after May 1, 2018 to be valid.  Keep a copy for your future reference.

6.) Online or In-Person CONCUSSION TRAINING
***While concussion training is not required to participate in Winter Conditioning, it is important to complete it as soon as possible so that it is completed by mid-January for Spring Crew.***

If you and your rower have not completed PWCS’s Concussion Training requirements this school year, you will need to do so.  
-Rowers who HAVE previously attended an in-person PWCS High School Concussion Training session can complete their 2018-19 annual concussion training online, if they have not already done so this school year. Print, sign and turn in completed online certificate to the AD Student Activities office.
-Rowers who HAVE NEVER attended an in-person PWCS High School Concussion Training session will need to attend one session at any Prince William County High School to meet this requirement.  Please note that both the student and a parent are required to be in attendance for the in-person training sessions.  Ensure that you arrive at the school early because they close the doors when it starts and will not allow you to enter once the program begins.  For your record take a picture of the form you are to fill out during the training session to keep for your record.  After attending, the AD/Student Activities office will verify your attendance to us so you will not need to hand anything in to us.

Please feel free to contact